Maui point with Molokai in the backgroundLanai with Moon high aboveMolokai in the distance behind Lanai pointLanai Sea CliffsOur "Parking Lot" for Shipwreck BeachAnother shed in our "parking lot" for Shipwreck BeachLast shed in our parking Lot for Shipwreck BeachSome residents at our Parking lot for Shipwreck BeachAnother resident located at our Shipwreck Beach Parking LotTypical Lanai Beach, the amount of trash is sadHonu feeding at Shipwreck beachWide angle shot from Shipwreck Beach with Molokai in the top left, and Maui to the top rightFish Eye with Molokai directly at top and Shipwreck to the leftThe Shipwreck off Shipwreck BeachThe wrecked ship and Molokai along with Shipwreck BeachShipwreck Beach Panorama with Molokai in the distanceShipwreck Beach Panorama with Maui in the distance